A fit lifestyle club dedicated to helping busy women get strong and become healthy and happy in their bodies.

In Be PowerFULL Lifestyle Club, you will find: 

*Blueprints for fitness + nutrition geared toward fat loss and strength building

*Tips for making fitness and nutrition a sustainable part of your busy life​

*Intimate Support and Accountability in a group of PowerFULL women​  

At Be PowerFULL, we are fit, powerful and live FULL lives.

Welcome! My name is Jessica Oar and I'm a trainer and fat-loss coach. I help women to break free from restrictive dieting by discovering how to achieve hormonal fat-loss for optimum metabolic health. I also help women to become strong and powerful in mind and body. ​​  

I spent my early adulthood controlling my weight through confusing and bogus diets, bingeing, and restricting.

To me, exercise meant running for miles and miles and taking endless exercise classes. And it worked…sort of.  

But then I grew up, had 2 kids, and everything changed.  

I no longer had time for hours of cardio or childcare to rely on for exercise classes. On top of that, I was working full-time and living in a body that had just experienced major hormonal shifts. No matter what I tried to do, my “pre-baby” body was gone and it wasn’t ever coming back.  

That’s when I decided to dig in and learn about my new body- what fuel it needed, how I could impact my hormones effectively with diet and exercise, and how much better I felt when I added myself to my own “to-do” list.

What I learned about hormonal fat loss, efficient exercise, and the strength of finding a supportive fit family changed my life. And now, I want to change yours, too. 

What you can expect from 

Be PowerFULL Lifestyle Club:

*To lose fat and become leaner. *To gain strength and confidence in your fitness. *To trust yourself around food and break unhealthy habits. *To feel better about yourself, your body and your commitment to your health. *To be armed with solutions for when busy life impedes on your consistency. *To find your unique solution for fat-loss that works for YOU. *To make lasting friendships with other busy women who get you.

BPLC Monthly Membership is $54.97 a month. 

*This is the last time I'll be opening Be PowerFULL Lifestyle Club until Fall 2018* 

Save another 10% by signing up here for a 6-month membership upfront! ----->

“ Jess has unlocked the magic that I've been searching for for the better part of 46 years. For years I stressed and obsessed over everything I put in my mouth. I thought about it endlessly-between the guilt for the things I shouldn't have eaten and worry about the next thing to eat. I'm not perfect but I did manage to lose 7 pounds over the last six weeks, but more importantly I'm finally seeing the efforts of my workouts. My body feels healthy and it feels stronger each day. This group has unlocked some very powerful knowledge for me and I can't thank you enough.” Nan, 35

"I went from a mom who barely worked out, to rising at 5:30am to get in one of her workouts. I've learned SO much...I hadn’t really thought about how the BPLC community would play a role in my goals. I had just planned on using the information and tools on my own, but it was SO helpful to have other women going through the same program! Everyone was posting photos of meals and what workouts they had finished, and it was a great motivation to keep going each day! I love the community she (we) have created - it’s a group of amazingly strong and motivated women!! Allison, 36

Be PowerFULL Club Members Receive:

  • Your exact workouts for each day of the week provided to you each month, so you don't need to plan a thing. 
  • 2 NEW recorded workout videos per month with coaching cues and modifications to meet you at your fitness level.
  • 2 LIVE workouts each month with Jess to help you push your comfort zone and get amazing results from your workouts.
  • All workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment with the exception of 1 for those who have gym memberships and would like to switch it up! 
  • 5 easy to use, printable PDFs to take with you to your workout space to make it easy to get right down to your workouts.
  • Hate searching YouTube for form videos? You'll have them in one space within our memeber portal for easy access.
  • Need some variety? Once a member, you'll have access to a library of workouts you can dial into at a moment's notice.
  • A hormonal consult upon entry to decode your metabolic burner-type with good guides to help you fuel for your unique metabolism.
  • 4 NEW no-nonsense fat-loss recipes each month that are perfect for individuals or families.
  • 1 NEW Power-Prep guide per month to help you shop and prep for healthy eating during your busy week.
  • Access to an archive of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes to keep you on track and hormonally balanced.
  • Ongoing nutrition education with tried and true tricks for for remaining consistent with your meals. 
  • Access to the Right To Ignite, the 28-day fat-loss jumpstart program that has resulted in pheonmenal fat-loss/habit change results with many current BPLC members.


  • A sisterhood of other women ready to support you and hold you accountable in our member community.
  • A NEW theme each month with surprise guests to help you decode your PowerFULL life; topics like cultivating motivation, eating for your metabolic type, managing stress, recovery from workouts, curing food-obsession and more.
  • Casual FB live check-ins with Jess weekly with reminders and tips to keep you connected and focused (a member favorite!).
  • Daily access to Jessica within a closed FB community for questions and support.
  • Access to our beautiful member portal on www.jessicaoar.com where you can find all your resources for living a PowerFULL life.
  • A sisterhood of other women ready to support you and hold you accountable in our member community.
  • Exercise and nutrition challenges to help you step outside your comfort zone in a fun, engaging way​
  • A free 30 minute welcome coaching call upon joining with Jess (normally, $250) to discuss your goals and set you on your plan for success. 
  • Additional private coaching calls at a deep discount, only for BPLC members for whenever you need more personalized support.

The Be PowerFULL Lifestyle Club is ready for you! This is a monthly membership club that thrives on women who are engaged, ready to share and learn and gain control over their life!

BPLC Monthly Membership is $54.97 a month. 

Save another 10% by signing up here for a 6-month membership upfront! ----->

Join our community! One LIVE workout each month broadcasts from my local group strength training classes so you can feel a part of the action from home. Maximize your accountability and results with our tribe.

Be PowerFULL Lifestyle Club is for you if:

  • You are busy and need a coach who understands your time constraints and can give you concrete workarounds to achieve your forever health
  • You crave sisterhood and support from other strong women because you know going it alone never seems to work long-term
  • You want to learn how to work out and eat for your best results in less time
  • You are ready to ditch the perfectionist approach to nutrition 
  • You are done searching for the "perfect" time to commit to your health

Be PowerFULL Lifestyle Club is NOT for you if:

  • You want a quick fix
  • You want to restrict their diet and feel deprived
  • You are not ready to take personal responsibility
  • You want to count steps, points, macros and weigh food obsessively
  • You want strict rules and subscribe to a hardcore, no pain no gain mentality

"Be PowerFULL lis an amazing supportive group. Being a part of BPLC has taught me I'm stronger than I think - I could push myself farther than I ever thought. The words "can't" & "diet" are no longer part of my vocabulary". Heather, 42

BPLC Monthly Membership is $54.97 a month. 

Save another 10% by signing up here for a 6-month membership upfront! ----->

Welcome to your new fit lifestyle.

You will learn how to read and balance your hormones for fat-loss, how to exercise and eat to stay in fat-loss (rather than fat-storing) mode effortlessly, how to build strength and live your best and fullest life.

Frequently asked questions:

How is Be PowerFULL Lifestyle Club different from a diet? This is a lifestyle program that is designed to educate you on hormones and fitness so you can begin to achieve your goals more intuitively. Unlike purchasing a diet off the shelf online or in a bookstore, you will have access to continued coaching and support to trouble shoot how to design your life for better results that are sustainable vs. the yo-yo dieting culture. ​ What results will I get? The BPLC Community addresses fat-loss fundamentals, body change essentials and longterm mindset strategies. You can expect to change your body shape, lose fat and learn strategies to maintain your results.  

What kind of equipment is needed for the workouts? The workouts can be done in your home or at the gym. I will give one monthly bonus workout that you can do on equipment at the gym but all workouts for the member program only require two sets of dumbbells, one heavy and one light.  

Will I need to buy any additional supplements to participate? No. The shopping cart closes after you buy into your level of coaching. I do not participate in MLM marketing nor do I require you to buy pills, shakes, or any additional equipment. From time to time I'll suggest brands I love if we're talking about protein powders, bars or even some added equipment for your home gym but everything will be entirely optional.  

Will I get a meal plan to follow? You will receive immediate access to my Right To Ignite 4-week jumpstart nutrition protocol to use immediately. You will also receive a hormonal consult upon enrollment with a "get started" guide for how to begin unlocking your individual hormonal fat-loss. You will have plenty of recipe options to choose from but you will not receive a customized meal plan to follow unless you are in my private coaching. ​ Do I get access to you everyday? Yes! This coaching community is here for you every step of the way. I'll be in the community daily to answer questions, provide feedback and direction.  

Am I fit enough to be a part of this group? Yes! All of the workouts provided offer modifications and movement substitutions so you can work from your current fitness level and progress at your pace!  

I want my friend to do this with me! How do I get her this information? Amazing! I love friends leveling up together! Go ahead and send her this link here and she can get signed up! http://bit.ly/JoinBPLC

What happens once I purchase my membership? Once you check-out via PayPal, be sure to check your email used with PayPal to confirm your subscription to Be PowerFULL. Soon after, you will receive an email from www.jessicaoar.com to create your profile and an email from Jess on first steps. ​ Is there a contract? Nope. This is a monthly subscription and you can cancel whenever you'd like. Once you cancel you will be immediately removed from the membership site and group.